Past events

25th March 2021 | Virtual Meeting 

Hosted by Richard Smith, Research and Innovation Funding Manager, Anglia Ruskin University

RMA as a Career

Richard shared an overview of his career in Research Management and Administration which lead into a discussion followed by informal networking.

26th November 2020 | Virtual Meeting

Hosted by colleagues at the University of Cambridge

Knowledge Exchange

A snapshot of how teams at the University of Cambridge have been using digital platforms to share information during 2020

With the discussion led by:

  • Petra Georgoulis Hluzova – Research Grants Administrator, Department of Psychology
  • Paula Bibby – Research Facilitator, Department of Biochemistry
  • Gill Currie – Programme Manager, CRUK Cambridge Centre

We’ll be looking at;

  • How we network internally and externally
  • The use of digital platforms that aid networking
  • How have you been navigating knowledge exchange/networking whilst working remotely

8th July 2020 | Virtual Meeting

Hosted and presented by the Sanger Institute

How Covid-19 is impacting Research Grants?

Discussion led by: Nicola Crawley, Acting Head of Grants

The virtual meeting looked at the impact of Covid-19 led by the Grants team at Sanger :

  • What are people doing in relation to active projects that are ‘paused’?
  • Are staff costs still being posted to the project and can they still be claimed by funders if the project has paused? 
  • Are extensions (cost and no cost) being requested?
  • How are you managing costings where staff have been seconded to a COVID related project?

How about you and your team? What are the issues you are facing? Here’s an opportunity to share them with colleagues and find out how others are managing similar.

CANCELLED – 27th March 2020 | Sulston Building | Wellcome Genome Campus

Hosted and presented by the Sanger Institute

Tree of Life: Setting up a new Research Programme within an established Institute

Speakers: Nick Salmon, Head of Strategic Delivery & Operations, Tree of Life Genomics and Menelaos Ioannidis, Grants Manager

20th November 2019 | Anglia Ruskin University | Cambridge Campus

Hosted by CRUK Cambridge Centre and CRUK

CRUK in Cambridge
Speaker: Rachel Chown, Senior Research Programme Manager, CRUK

Centred not Siloed at the CRUK Cambridge Centre
Speaker: Bruce Daniels Director of Operations, CRUK Cambridge Centre

Programme Management at the CRUK Cambridge Centre
Speaker: Gill Currie, Programme Manager for Paediatric Cancer and Neuro-oncology Programmes, CRUK Cambridge Centre

2nd September 2019 | Sulston Building | Wellcome Genome Campus

Hosted by EMBL-EBI

Introduction to EMBL and EMBL-EBI

Speakers: Emma Sinha, EMBL-EBI Grants Office Supervisor & Friederike Bernsdorff, Research Support Officer
NIH administration and compliance
Speaker: Emma Sinha

Human data access
Speaker: Bianca Schmitt, Research Support Officer

17th – 18th June 2019 | ARMA 2019 | ICC Belfast

Creating a local Research Administrator Network

Presenters: Bethan Hussey, Research Administrator, Cellular Genetics Programme and Sophie Leggett, Research Administrator, Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Contributer: Gill Currie, Programme Manager, Paediatric Cancer Programme & Neuro-oncology Programme, CRUK Cambridge Centre

21st May 2019 | Hauser Forum, Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge

Transforming Research Support at Cambridge

At Cambridge we have been reviewing our support for Research Administration with the aim of delivering a flexible and seamless service that supports the University’s research ambition and in which each element of the service adds value. We want to provide a PI-centric service that is focused on enabling research excellence.

Speaker: Jo Dekkers, Head of Research Operations & Deputy Head of the Research Office, University of Cambridge

12th March 2019 |
Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre

Introduction to Rothamsted Research

Nagoya Protocol – brief overview and compliance

I presented at the second CRAN meeting, having recently moved roles. I was delighted to give a joint presentation with our Risk and Compliance Manager and Head of HSBQ Sam Benson. I focused on the newly created Research Grants Office at Rothamsted Research in the first half of the presentation, and Sam gave an overview of the Nagoya Protocol and our process in the second half. It was a pleasure and a privilege to present to our peers, exchange knowledge and best practice.

Speakers: Ruth Sandland, Head of Research Grant Development, Rothamsted Research and Sam Benson, Risk and Compliance Manager for Science, Rothamsted Research

4th December 2018 | Sulston Building | Wellcome Genome Campus

  • Grants management at Sanger
  • Sub-grants
  • Due diligence
  • Grants management review

Speaker: Michael Dinig, Head of Grants, Wellcome Sanger Institute

16th October 2018 | Sulston Building | Wellcome Genome Campus

Inaugural meeting to share ideas on how to grow and support the network

Speaker: Sophie Leggett, Research Administrator, Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation Programme, Wellcome Sanger Institute